Indigestion Solution By 7 Yoga In Bodybuilding

Indigestion Solution By 7 Yoga In Bodybuilding In 2023-

When we go to the gym for muscle building. we eat a lot of food and a high intake of protein. After we suffer from indigestion problem. For the solution to this problem, I would tell you without medicine solution of indigestion problem. The article ‘Indigestion Solution By Seven Yoga In Bodybuilding ‘ is helpful to you. http://3 Yoga Poses that Help Your Digestion | Swami Ramdev

What is Yoga-

India is the land of yoga but at present time it is famous all over the world. In yoga treatment, do not use medicine or injections. It is an effective solution. Yoga saves us from the harmful chemicals of medicine. In India, lots of spiritual saints and charitable trusts, and social societies teach yoga. It is the best carrier option for us. It is very useful in indigestion problems.
So it is the solution to this problem ‘Indigestion problem solution by seven Yoga In Bodybuilding In 2023’ Si it is important Indigestion Solution By Seven Yoga In Bodybuilding.

Seven types of yoga-


.What is pavanmuktasana-
It is yoga, for our best digestion system. It is the solution to the gas problem. Pavan means wind and Mukta means to release to make free. This asana performs before they eat food. How to do this-
Lay down Shavasana’s position on the mat. Bend your right knee, clasp both hands over the shin and hold this position tightly. Take a deep breath in and then completely breathe out, and pull your leg towards your face with slight pressure. Lift your upper body and try to touch your head to the knees. Hold for 10-12 counts, and slowly come back to your first position. Take a deep breath and relax your body. Breathing out brings both knees toward the face,
Repeat this process on your left leg. Now both knees together, feet flat on the ground. Clasp your hand around the skin. Now lift your body up and again try to touch nose to knees with a slight pressure on the abdomen. Hold 10-12 counts and relax. Benifits of Pavanmuktasana-
Decreases bloating sensation. Give relief from flatulence. Help relieve constipation. This asana improves digestion. It makes strong our spinal nerves. It strengthens the muscles. This asana is best for our lower body.
Don’t perform this asana any knee pain ,back pain and injury problem.


.What is halasana-
Halasana is a Sanskrit word. Hala means farmer’s plow. This asana performs before eating food. How to do this-
Lie flat on the back in Shavasana. Inhale and place the palm face down on the floor. Keeping your hips on the floor, bend the knees and bring them up toward the stomach while exhaling. Inhale, then while exhaling, raise the legs straight up perpendicular to the floor. You may support your hips with your hands after leaving the arms flat on the floor. Exhale and continue to raise the legs over the head, bending at the waist. Keep the feet together in the first position.
.Benifits of halasana-
It is best for our digestion problems. It relieves your stress and tension. Halasana improves our digestion system.
Don’t perform this asana for back pain and injury problems.


.What is Paschimottanasana-
It is a Sanskrit word. Paschimottanasana is a seated posture. It is also known seated forward bend in English. This asana performs before eating food.
.How to do this- Sit in dandasana position. The back and neck should be straight. Chin should be parallel to the ground. Inhale and raise your hands, stretch your hands and lower your back to the ceiling. Bend forward from the lower back with breathing out. Try to touch your nose and forehead on your knees. Stretches the back side of the body and creates pressure front side of the body. Hold 10-12 count and relax. Benifits of Paschimottanasana-
It massages the internal part of the stomach. Improves our digestion system. Paschimottanasana is the best solution for constipation and gas.
Don’t perform this asana for back pain and injury problems.

4- Vajrasana-

.What is vajrasana-
It is a Sanskrit name. It makes vara means tight your body.Vajrasana is dimoned pose.
.How to do this-
Kneel down on the ground, with your knees. Your ankle and toes should touch the floor. Your toes should be stretched backward. Now place your palms of both hands on the knees. The upper body should be straight. Inhale and exhale slowly -slowly.
.Benifits of vajrasana-
It makes strong pelvic muscles. prevents hernias and piles. It makes strong our reproductive organs.
Don’t perform this asana in point pain and injury problems.


.What is mandukasana-
It is a Sanskrit word. Mandukasana means frog and asana mean pose.Mandukasana meaning seated grouph asana.It is a frog posture asana.
.How to do this-
Sit in vajrasana position. Make a fist. Place them on both sides of your naval. Exhale and bend forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Inhale and come back to the starting position. Repeat it 3to 4 times.
.Benifits of Mandukasana-
It relieves abdominal disorders. It is the best cure for IBS(irritable bowel syndrome).
Don’t perform mandukasana in an injury of abdominal.


. What is uttanpadasana-
Uttan means intense stretch and pada means legs. It is a Sanskrit word.
.How to do this-
.Lie down on your back. Flex your elbow slowly-slowly.To lift your back and arch your neck. Tilt your upper head to make it touch the floor. Inhale deeply and raise your legs off the floor. Your legs must be 40 degrees. Make sure your feet are together and your toes are pointing to the ceiling. Exhale with a deep breath and stretch your arms forward. Joins your palms with a prayer pose. Your palm must be parallel to the thighs. Make balance your body on your hips and upper head. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.Now release this pose. Inhale and bring your arms down slowly-slowly. Place your hands on the floor. Now exhale and bring your legs to the floor.
.Benifits of Uttanpadasana-
It saves us from obesity. It is the best cure for constipation, gas, and acidity.
If you suffer from back pain don’t do Uttanpadasana.


.What is Vajrayana-
Vakrasana is a Sanskrit word in India. It means vakra means twist and asana meaning pose.
.How to do this-
Start with a long sitting poshture.Sit with a straight back with legs streched out with the front. Bent your left leg and place the left foot beside the right knee. Bring your right arm around the left knee and place the palm beside the left foot. Exhale and twist your head and body to the left. Maintain the final position for 3 to 10 counts. Inhale and come back. Repeat on the other side.
.Benifits of vakrasana-
It improves the function of the pancreas.Vakrasana massage your abdominal. It makes the spine flexible.
.Precaution- Don’t do this yoga for any spine problem, or knee pain. If you suffer from any disease like fever, don’t do this yoga.

These are given information about Indigestion Solution By Seven Yoga In Bodybuilding.

Yoga is not only good for physical health but also good for mental health.

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