Best HIIT Workout For Bad Knees

Best HIIT Workout For Bad Knees USA In 2023-

Nowadays many people suffer from the problem of bad knees. Due to a bad lifestyle and lack of nutrition, this problem is normal. So to solve this problem, I will tell you about Best Hiit Workout For bad knees. People get confused to see many workouts, so I will tell you about only five workouts.

These are Best HIIT Workout For Bad Knees are given below-

1-Squating lateral taps-

Method –

Come in a squatting position, and hold this position, you can go however, low you would like, and then, you will bring one leg out the tap, it to the side, and bring it back in the leg that is just standing stationary you should feel the burn in that glute.
Benifits-It is the best exercise for bed knees. Its targets, are the side muscle of the butt, walking on balance ad stability, and improving the strength of your lower body. It is an effective exercise. You can do this exercise for recovery from bad knees. It is easy to do exercise.
If you have any injury in your lower body, avoid this exercise. Perform this exercise slowly.

2-Lateral shuffle and touch-


Standing to the left of your space, get into that athletic position. Reach those arms forward shuffling to the right twice touch and then to the left. Stay low you are trying to touch down to the floor, onto that planted leg. Stay with your breath, quick feet you get this.
Benefits –
Raise your heart rate and strengthen your hip abductors, quad, calves, hamstring, and glutes. This exercise helps to recover your bad knees.
Caution-If you suffering from any injury, avoid this exercise. It is a helpful exercise if you perform it systematically way.

3-Toe touch to the sky-

In this exercise, we go to bend at the sight, bend the knees, come down, and come up. Bring your hands get a cat phrase then repeat. Repeat this set drop-down come up, calf raises, and make sure not to bend it to the lower back. Keep that head up the whole time. When your heads up like this you can’t. It’s difficult to bend your back at that point, if you can only come here that’s good, just keep working on trying to go a little bit, lower your set, or every time you do workout.
Benifits-This exercise increases the strength of the lower body. Especially since it increases the movement of your knees. It is an effective exercise for your knees.
Avoid this exercise, if you suffering from any injury and pain in your lower body.

4-Thoracic rotation-

Make in a high plank position, go ahead and bring your right leg forward and all we are gonna do is open up and you are gonna bring the elbow, on the inside of the foot, now if your elbow does not touch the ground now be ok. All we are trying to do is warm up, the hips as we get ready to move into this, no jumping workout, reaching up towards the sky so that, you are in this kind of twisted body in the greatest stretch. Twisted iow runners lunge and all you are doing is just trying to reach elbow down to the ground and then right back up towards the sky, everything that we do one arm or one leg. We are gonna do it on the opposite side, so when you are ready. Just go ahead and switch the opposite leg comes forward, whenever you feel lite. You are in a good foundation you can just slowly heart to reach. Up towards the sky and then try.
This is the best exercise for the lower body. It is good for the movent of your knees.
Avoid this exercise, if you suffering from Any injury and pain in the lower body.

5-Kick squat-

Staned in a squat position, and come down into your squat as you come up, I just want you to kick through the heel. So that you are balancing on one leg as you kick, the door down, right in front of you. Pay attention in your squat that your chest. Stand up, your knees drive away from each -other, and you are just alternating one leg and then the other if you, find that kicking is a little bit. Challenging just see if you can bring, the knee up, and then every now, if you feel lite, you can add, in the kick. Just kick right in front of you, make sure that you are kicking. You should kick through the heel, not to the toe. You can take these nice and slow with controlling your body.
Benifits-This exercise increases your power of the kick. It is an effective exercise for your lower body.
Precation-Don’t do these exercise fastly. Avoid this exercise for any injury and pain in your lower body.


Best HIIT Workout For Bad Knees is a very effective article. I hope it is helpful for you.

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