Best Yoga For Corona Recovery

Best Yoga For Corona Recovery In 2023-

Nowadays corona cases are increasing in the world. Mostly China is suffering from covid -19 virus. This is a new mutant of the corona. Corona is a problem in the world. China is suffering from covid-19. America, the UK, Canada, Germany, France Qatar, and UAE are many countries, search solutions for the corona. The number of cases is increasing in the corona in china. So the solution to this problem read my article-Best Yoga For Corona Recovery.
People do the new-new tricks to stay away from the corona. We should do physical activity. So I will tell you about yoga poses to protect the corona from your body.

These are the best yoga for corona recovery-

1- Anulom vilom pranayam-

What is anulom viom pranayam-

Anulom vilom is a Sanskrit word from India. it is breath control yoga. In this type of yoga, we use the nose and hands. It is also called alternate nostril breathing.

Steps of Anulom vilom-

Sit in a meditation posture. Keep your neck and back straight and sit in a saint(yogi) posture. Place your middle finger on the right nostril and place your ring finger on left nostril. Close your right nostril and inhale through your left nostril slowly. Now close your left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Now, this completes one round. Do practice 1 to 5 minutes.

Benifits of anulom vilom pranayam-

Corona’s new variant attack directly our lungs and kidney, so Anulom vilom is important for the strength of the lungs and kidneys. It improves our respiratory system. Anulom vilom is best for our immunity. This pranayama clean seventy-two thousand nadis of your body.


If you have any heart-related problem, don’t do this exercise And consult the doctor.

2-Bhastrika pranayam

What is bhastrika pranayam-

Bhastrika pranayam is breathing pranayam.Bhastrika is a Sanskrit word. It is also known as bellows breath pranayam.

Steps of bhastrika pranayam-

Sit down in comfortable poshture( sukhasana or padmasana).Your head, neck, and spine should be erect. Your face should be in a relaxed position . Deeply forcefully and actively inhale and exhale from both nostrils. Initially 5 counts.6th time inhale and hold your breath inside. Repeat this according to your strength.

Benefits of bhastrika pranayam-

Bhastrika pranayam is best Best Yoga For Corona Recovery.It is effective yoga. Bhastrika pranayam increase the capacity of the heart and lunges. It is a very effective pranayam in corona time.


If you suffering from a heart-related problem, don’t do this pranayam.

3-Vrikshasana-(Tree pose)

What is vrikshasana yoga –
Vrikshasana is a yoga pose. It is a Sanskrit word. Vriksha means tree and asana means pose. This asana helps to maintain our posture. It is an effective asana for diabetes. Vrikshasana is really a pose of yoga. It is a standing pose. You can do vrikshasana two times a day.
Steps of vrikshasana-
Breathe in normally. Focus in front Stand of you with open eyes. straight and bring your right foot against the left thigh. Join your palms in the namaskar position. Now stretch your arms up towards the selling. Hold this position. Maintain a balance of your body according to your strength . Now bring your hand in front of your chest.put down your right leg. Repeat this process on another side. Breathe in normally. Focus in front Stand of you with open eyes.
Benefits of vrikshasana-
In corona, vrikshasans (tree pose) is best to recovery to corona. Vrikshasana is good for your central nervous system. It is the big solution of depression and anxiety. It stretches your entire body.Vrikshasana increases your concentration level. Vrikshasana helps to improve the balance and endurance of your body. It improves posture of your body. mainly vrikshasana is useful in diabetes patients.

If you have any leg injury and leg pain, don’t do this asana. In muscle pain and swelling avoid vrikshasana. Avoid this asana in preg

4- Supta matsyendrasana-(supine spinal twist pose)

Supta matsyendrasana word is sanskrit word.It is a gentle posture .Supta means supine ,matsyendra means Hindu god shiva, and asana means pose.supta matsyendrasana is also called a supine spinal twist.
Steps of supta matsyendrasana-
Lie on your back with arms stretched out at shoulder level.Bend the right knee and cross it outside of the left leg close to the left knee. Put the left hand on the bent knee to push down. If your knee is not touching the floor, try to focus on your twist. Keep both shoulders squared and touch the floor. Hold 30 seconds. Slowly bring your knee back to stretch out your legs. Repeat the same process other side. Bent your left knee and cross it outside of the Right leg close to the right knee. Put your right hand on the bent knee to push down. Keep both shoulders squared and touch the floor. Hold 30 seconds. Slowly bring your knee back to stretch out your legs.

.Benefits of Supta matsyendrasana-
In corona time we cannot go to the out of the home to go to gym.. So we can do this yogasana at home.Supta matsyendrasana is best for our immunity.It massages your back and hips. Supta matsyendrasana improves your digestion. It increases the flexibility of your lower body. Supta matsyendrasana is an effective yoga for the stomach and lower back. Mostly it is helpful in diabetes.
If you are suffering from spinal, knee, and hips injury, avoid this asana. Avoid this asana in fever.

5-Pachchimottanasana-( Seated forward bend pose)

.What is Paschimottanasana-
It is a Sanskrit word. Paschimottanasana is a seated posture. It is also known seated forward bend in English. This asana performs before eating food.
Steps of Paschimottanasana-

Sit in dandasana position. The back and neck should be straight. Chin should be parallel to the ground. Inhale and raise your hands, stretch your hands and lower your back to the ceiling. Bend forward from the lower back with breathing out. Try to touch your nose and forehead on your knees. Stretches the back side of the body and creates pressure front side of the body. Hold 10-12 count and relax. Benifits of Paschimottanasana-
It massages the internal part of the stomach. Improves our digestion system. Paschimottanasana is the best solution for constipation and gas. It is useful for diabetes patients.
Don’t perform this asana for back pain and injury problems. In hernia, diarrhea, or ulcer disease avoid this asana.

6-Kapalbhati-(Seated pose)

. What is kapalbhati-

kapalbhati is internal and external purification practice. It is a seated posture. It is a breath control practice in yoga. In Ayurveda, it is the best part. It makes our best posture.

Steps of kapalbhati-

Sit padmasana position. Put your hands on your knees with palms. Deep inhale. When you exhale, pull your navel in navel and stomach towards the spine. Feel abdominal muscle during yoga. Now in relax, your navel and abdominal. Take 18-12 breaths to complete one set kapalbhati. Do 3-4 sets of kapalbhati.

You can do try also this yoga pose-

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.Benefits of kapalbhati-

Kapalbhati is curing our all-over body. It is effective for our abdominal muscles. It is useful for For Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair.It is useful to cure of diabetes.

If you suffer from abdominal pain and injury do not perform this asana.

These are the best 6 yoga asanas for diabetes with pictures in 2023. I hope you like it. For any related information-

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I want the finish the corona in the world. I want a happy world. My article(Best Yoga For Corona Recovery) will help you. You should follow Indian yoga to fight corona.

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