Abs For Babes

How To Get 6 Pack Abs For Babes ,In 2023

Nowadays, people face a very big problem. It is obesity.I will tell you How To Get 6 pack Abs for babes, in 2023-

1- Plank exercise-

What is plank exercise-
It is the best workout to get abs. The plank exercise is a full-body exercise. It is a famous core strength exercise.
How to do plank exercise-

Start in plank position. Your shoulders and hips should in a line. Your shoulders and elbows should at 90- degrees.  Knees have to be properly straight for engaged your quad. Your total body line should be in a straight position. Hold your body according to your capacity.

Target muscle-

Gluteal muscles, quadriceps, abdominal muscles, etc.
Benefits of plank workout-

plank exercise help to remove belly fat. It helps to maintain a healthy posture, balance and coordination of the body. It improves the metabolism and flexibility of the body. it is an effective workout for abs.

2- Russian kettlebell twist exercise-

 Abs For Babes

What is a Russian twist exercise-
It is a workout to remove side fat.It makes strong the core.
How to do Russian twist workout-

Sit down on your hips and take a kettlebell.  Make sure that your knees are at a 90 degrees.Push back your upper body to form a 90-degree.
If you are a beginner- Rest your heels on the floor.
If you are advanced- Raise your legs. Make sure to only twist your torso. Don’t twist your neck and shoulders. Your feet shouldn’t swivel on either side. Repeat the raps according to your capacity.
Target muscle-

Obliques,Rectus abdominis,hips flexers,eractor spinae ,scapular muscles,lattissimus dorsi.

Benefits of plank workout

Russian twist is a great exercise to tone your oblique core muscles.

3-Medicine ball slam exercise-

What is a medicine ball slam exercise-
It is an exercise for abs. In this exercise, we use a medicine ball.
How to do medicine ball slam exercise-
Stand with a medicine ball. Your shoulder-width stance. lift ball overhead to full extension of knees, hips, and arms and throw the ball to the floor between the feet. Catch the balls on the rebound. Keep weight in heels. Extend knees and hips to propel the ball back overhead. Repeat the raps according to your capacity.

Target muscles-

Core, chest, quads, hamstrings, upper back, and shoulders, glutes.
Benefits of Medicine ball slam exercise-
this exercise makes your body active and targets all-important muscles.

4- Dumbbell side bend exercise-

 Abs For Babes
Abs For Babes

What is a dumbbell side bend exercise-
This exercise is for losing side fat. In this exercise we use dumbbells.
How to do Dumbbell side bend exercise-
Stand up shoulder width apart. and straight holding a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms should face the torso. Keep your back straight and your head up. Inhale, bend only at the side as far as possible. Hold this position for just two seconds and focus on stretching your oblique muscles. Go back to starting position and exhale. Repeat the raps according to your capacity.

Target muscles-

Internal and external obliques, quadratus lumborum, and erector spine.

Benefits of Dumbbell side bend exercise-

It improve your spinal mobility. it is a multipurpose exercise.

5-Mountain climber exercise-

 Abs For Babes

What is mountain climber exercise-
Mountain climber exercise is for abs. It is the best exercise for lower abs.
How to do mountain climber exercise-
Come in a tabletop position. Contract your abs. Put palm on the floor under the shoulder and come in a shoulder plank position. Slowly-slowly brings your right knee to your chest and repeats this movement on your left knee. when you do it slowly-slowly it works on your abs. Repeat the raps according to your capacity.
Target muscles-

Anterior,abdominal muscles,serratus anterior,chest,tricep,shouldermuscles.
Benefits of Mountain climber exercise-

It is the best exercise for weight loss.

These are  How To Get 6 Pack Abs For Babes ,In 2023?For more information click below on this link-


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